Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Implications of the Linear Gauge for Design Tutorials

Linear gauges are data visualization tools which can be used for displaying a single quantitative parameter. A linear gauge can be thought of as a ruler which has a sliding arrow that points to a particular figure. Linear gauges can be classified into three types; namely simple linear gauge, LED gauge and bullet graph. These can be aligned either vertically or horizontally.

Linear gauges are frequently used in designing dashboards and they are commonly found in statistics section of online content sharing or online community portals. Linear gauges are extremely versatile and their visual appearance can be morphed to sync in with the overall Design Tutorials of the application or the dashboard where they are implemented. For instance, in gaming dashboards a bullet graph or an LED gauge can be made to portray a fuel tank. While an editable LED gauges can be adapted to form a control that allows the user to visually change the alpha level of the game.

Linear gauges have numerous implications – they are used by social networking sites to indicate the level of profile information provided by the user. Additionally, they are used on side panels of content sharing websites to indicate; number of article view, number of author bio views and the number of URL clicks. Editable linear gauge can even be used as a replacement for the conventional star based rating system as it takes up the same amount of space and offers greater flexibility with respect to rating.

Linear gauges are essential Design Tutorials tools, they are important because they are; compact, neat, support custom alignment and can be made editable. A significant fact about linear gauges is that they are highly impactful which makes them suitable for depicting important data. Generally Flash based data visualization tools are used for creating a linear gauge. These are sold by large number of vendors and many varieties of such products are available. So, it is essential to determine the level of customizability that is offered by the product before making a purchase decision.

Fusion Widgets is a full featured dashboard Design Tutorials tool that lets you create fantastic linear gauges.

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